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Crowdfunded Citizen Science

We design and fund valid, independent, pilot studies intended to answer questions that otherwise wouldn't be answered. Billions of dollars are spent answering questions for the Medical-Industrial Complex in the name of academic vanity and product research and development for corporate profit. We want to test alternative health compounds and practices in clinical conditions that will serve the public good, that are pro bono publico.

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Indigogo pilot studies that need your help

Here are the trials that we have designed, refined, and contracted clinical research organizations to perform. They are on the launch pad and just need your fueling! We hope that their ethical and unbiased answers to questions we need answered will inspire larger institutions to replicate and validate their findings for the public good.

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Please help us improve our studies by giving us feedback. If you or a person you know has suggestions, please have them review our proposed study designs and email us. This would go doubly for clinicians and researchers in these respective fields. If you are a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and would like to be considered for our trials, please contact us


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